Love doesn’t have one colour rainbow necklace card

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Love doesn’t have one colour rainbow necklace card – unique all in one card and gift

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Love doesn’t have one colour rainbow necklace card, gift and card in one -Pride.

Stunning, striking, gorgeous and what a wonderful gift for your best friend, love of your life or just someone who loves love!

This a C6 card.

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This one can be personalised, therefore making it much more personal.

Message me if you would like an extra message added!

Completely hand made to create a really personal touch.

Love doesn’t have one colour rainbow necklace card is completely unique, being a card and necklace in one.

Perfect gift, wrapped in one envelope!

Simple, but beautiful cards, making lovely keepsakes.

Gift of love for loved ones, family or friends.

The cards are unique, one off designs due to the use of mixed clay/ or they are hand painted.

Left over clay is never wasted – it all goes to making beautiful cards.

Customers can buy all cards or card designs on this site.

Simple and beautiful designs.

All cards are made from the heart because that makes them much more personal.

Love doesn’t have one colour rainbow necklace card is designed by me.

Because it’s Pride!

If you love unique, bespoke and hand made, then, you will love these cards.

Further cards can be commissioned when stock runs out, just message me for more details.

The Cards are individual designs, all lovingly hand made, painted and put together.

All cards of the same design will vary slightly in colour and designs.

These cards are tactile with many features being 3D.

More designs can be found here:

Due to the Limited editions, there are only a few of each design. Therefore, further cards are made to order.

Because the environment means so much to us, we currently use, card, biodegradable peanuts and paper for packaging.

No clay is wasted.

If you like handmade cards, why not visit this lovely site:

Many of the cards are made from recycled card, our aim is to provide all cards using recycled card in the future.

Biodegradable card wrap will be used within a year.

Please recycle the packaging, look after our environment. (separate the clay from the card when recycling)

We aim is to use ALL recycled material for packaging within a year.


Blue, Pink

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