Bohemian Pen with crystals. Bold colours and sparkles


Bohemian Pen with crystals. Bold colours and sparkles

– unique writing styles, this one is especially for sparkles!

1 in stock (can be backordered)


Bohemian Pen with crystals. Bold colours and sparkles

Bohemian Pen – bold posh pen with crystals is a handmade clay cane created decorated pen, with crystals for charm.

A perfect birthday gift! Why not buy it with one of my notebooks on this site?

Subtle Pink Heart notebook – love to write

If you love unique, bespoke and hand made, then, you will love these Pens.

Use Multi01 code to get 5% off if any other item in home decor and gifts.

PLEASE NOTE:  Each product in home decor is individually made, therefore they are one offs, but I can re-create in a close design. If this is sold, please message me.

Bohemian Pen with crystals. Bold colours and sparkles

Why not purchase one of the decorated Jars to give this pen a home too? 🙂

It’s bold tones then this will beautify any desk and notebook.

This posh pen is an ideal gift for birthdays.

Perfect for anniversaries or Christmas because you want to show your love with crystals.

A handmade and upcycled Pen from the heart. (Pen is new)

Ordinary Pens upcycled for permenant use because everyone loves beautiful pens.

These would look lovely on your desk at work too!

These Pens can be sold individually or with any other item in home decor and gifts for a discount.

Further colour themes can be commissioned when stock runs out, just message me for more details.

The Pens are all individual designs,  lovingly hand made and put together.

All Pens of the same design will vary slightly because each is made from scratch and they are hand designed.

If you are looking for something a little posher, why not take a look at this site:

Due to the Limited editions, there are only a few of each design. Therefore, further Pens are made to order.

Because the environment means so much to us, we are looking at ways to use environmentally friendly materials to package with.

We aim to use all biodegradable and recycled materials within a year. (dated August 2018)

Please recycle the packaging, look after our environment.

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