Greetings and Jot – who are we? What are our plans?

Greetings and Jot – who are we?

Welcome to Greetings and Jot – a site for finding cards, beautiful, fun or thoughtful.

A site for finding notebooks, beautifully hand designed and decorated.

A site for finding that special wall hanging to adorn your wall with or hang in your window.

All are handmade and individual.

The site is quite new at the moment and it is growing all the time. Many ideas may change, come or go.

Greetings and Jot was created to re-brand cards, notebooks and wall hangings from it’s sister site, Little Big Times.

Little Big Times started as clocks but grew to include what is now Greetings and Jot.

We felt that the gift side of the business needed to be branded differently to accommodate the ideas more clearly.

Little Big Times- describes clocks but doesn’t clearly describe cards or notebooks for instance.

I hope you love this site as much as we do.

We are in the process of preparing for the Winchester Arts and Crafts Market on August 19th 2018.

There will be many stalls there, this will be our first time at this market, so it will be great fun.

I have been teaching myself how to make interesting keyrings, most recently food related; more specifically, cake related.

Cupcakes, cakes, macaroons… pinapples, they are popular right now.

The cakes have been quite easy, but the cupcakes have proven to be a bit of a challenge.

It’s been so much fun learning though.

I’ve made hair clips, pins and keyrings. All fun, some beautiful, some charming, some very edible looking (which aren’t)

I hope you enjoy watching us grow. Why not pop to the Whichester Arts and Crafts markets and come and see us!

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