Me - Kate

About Greetings and Jot

I am Kate and I started Greetings and Jot in 2018 after I left a career in Assistive technology. Being a creative soul, I’ve always painted, drawn, sketched and done countless other artistic things just because I love it. Greetings and Jot was born in a completely different way in the beginning, but as with many things, it’s evolved and the website you are in now is a complete rebrand, mainly because in July 2019 I fell and shattered my hand. I used to decorate all my cards and notebooks with clay, I made clay jewellery and decorated bottles and jars with clay, but my hand injury was so severe that it put an immediate stop to me making anything with clay. BUT, I’m a lefty and I broke my right hand, which meant I could still draw and paint, and viola, the new Greetings and Jot was born.

I love the new style and so do my customers, the cards sell out at the markets and so I wanted to be sure that they are on full show online too.

I also run South Central Makers which I started in April 2019 with a wonderful friend who is equally creative and together we have grown a Marketplace where both the physical Makers Markets and online Marketplace are really thriving and becoming well known in our South Central region. I also have a Greetings and Jot shop on our marketplace.

I hope you love my work as much as I do. Please feel free to ask me anything as I am happy to personalise any design to make an extra special gift for someone special to you.

Me - Kate
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